Five Great VS Code Extensions 2022

I have used many text editors and IDE’s over the years. VS Code is one of the most extensible editors. It is super customizable and there are over 40,000 extensions in their Marketplace at the time of this writing. These extensions are worth a look.

1. Live Server

It provides a quick way to launch a local development server with live reload.

2. Kanban Board

Todo Kanban Board is a powerful tool that lets you create a basic yet interactive kanban task board. The board is saved as a plain text markdown file.

3. Better Comments

This one simply adds extra colors for special types of comments. I regularly use the “TODO” type in my code so I can quickly see what I still need to address.

Better Comments example

4. indent-rainbow

When your code gets complex with a lot of nested levels, indent-rainbow makes things more readable by highlighting the levels with alternating colors 🌈.

5. vscode-pets

I wouldn’t describe this extension as productive. If you have ever thought “The one thing that VS Code is missing is pets”, then vscode-pets is for you.

VS Code puppy pet